Fabulous day

That’s us on our way back from the Lecht to Lagganlia now. What an AMAZING day on the slopes. (I had to buy sun cream for the kids!) We’ve had wall to wall blue skies and fab snow once again. It’s been colder than yesterday but the skiing has improved so everyone has stayed warm.

Our coach is due to leave at 4:30. Allowing 2.5/3 hours to get back means we should be home by 7:7:30. I will send a text when we’re moving.

Day 2 😀

Such a busy morning, I’ve only just had time for an update.

We breakfasted at 8 but before that, beds had to be stripped and last bits of bags packed up. A bit of an epic chore!

All rooms are empty (I hope the brought everything home!) and bags are all downstairs with footwear for the return journey on top!

Were now all in our minibuses and headed for the Lecht again. The weather is looking gorgeous ☀️