Additional Support Needs

As with all local authority schools in Scotland, this school operates under the terms of the Additional Support for Learning Act (2009) and its accompanying Code of Practice. Further details of the policies and procedures can be found on Edinburgh Council website at

In on the Act – Supporting children and young people with additional support needs provides the following information

We work with other agencies and professionals – for example, Social Work Services, Educational Psychology Service, National Health Service and you the parent to make decisions with regards to the best possible education to meet the needs of your child within the resources available.

Parents, carers and children with additional support needs can also seek independent advice and support through:

Enquire:, 0845 123 2303
Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance,, 0131 260 5380
Take Note: National Advocacy Service for Additional Support Needs
Barnados in association with the Scottish Child Law Centre, 0131 667 6633.