Assessment, Records and Reports

Various methods are used in the school to assess a pupil’s progress. These range from an oral assessment of reading to the use of tests of a diagnostic nature. Continuous assessment is carried out as the child progresses through each stage of the curriculum. Copies of the School Reports which are issued to parents at the end of the Session are kept in a pupil’s folder which is passed to any subsequent school, including the Secondary School, which the pupil may attend. Every child has a Learning journal which is reviewed regularily.

Parents’ Evenings will be held twice during the session to give you an opportunity to see your child’s work, their PLP and discuss his or her progress with the Class Teacher.  Your child should also attend these meetings as we will agree together the next steps for their learning. Parents are welcome to call at the school at other times to discuss their child’s progress. An end of session report will be issued during the summer term.