Eco Schools


Leith Primary is an eco-school. We were awarded our first green flag in December 2015. This was in recognition of the work that has been done not only by the eco committee but also in classes as part of the curriculum and as part of whole school events such as ‘Action day’. Some of this work has included:

• reducing waste through recycling, ragbag collections, saving energy using initiatives such as eco spies and upcycling art projects.
• Learning about local food through growing our own food, visiting farms and restaurants and holding an annual ‘One Planet Picnic’.
• Working on reducing litter and dog fouling through class litter picks as well as poster and writing competitions.
• Promoting health and well-being through our outdoor residential trips, the John Muir project and initiatives such as 1km a day.

Eco committee
Our eco committee meet regularly with Mrs Hind and are made up from children from primary 3-7. As well as having roles of responsibility such as completing surveys and emptying recycling bins, the eco reps are important in generating fun ideas about how to make our school more eco-friendly and help raise concerns with the school environment.

This year
This year our focus is going to be based around a project called, ‘food for thought’. This will involve growing food in our playground, using new portable cooking equipment to work with food in classrooms and share cooking skills from both carers and professionals in the community. We will also be creating a sharing table in the dining hall where children will have the opportunity to eat food created by another class. As well as this we are going to hold ‘stew-pendous’ days…more information to come soon!

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