Complaints Policy

Complaints, Comments and Suggestions Procedure –

We all hope that you will be completely satisfied about your child’s education and we encourage feedback on our services from parents and pupils. We are, therefore, interested in feedback of all kinds, whether it be compliments, suggestions or complaints.

If you want to register a comment of any type about our school you can do this by writing, e-mailing, telephoning or making an appointment to see someone. All feedback is welcome and keeps us in touch.

If, in particular, you have a complaint about the school, please let us know. It is better that these things are shared openly and resolved fairly, rather than being allowed to damage the relationship between the family and the school. There will be no negative consequences arising from making a complaint and we will deal with the issue as confidentially as possible.

There are some things which you should take note of in relation to making a complaint:

* Please make any complaints initially to the Head teacher. This makes sure that the school knows what is going on and has an opportunity to respond and resolve the issue.

* We will try to respond as quickly as possible, but often issues are complex and we need time to investigate.

* If you are still unhappy with the service or with our response then you will have the right to take the matter further and contact Advice and Conciliation [ 0131 469 3233]

* If you are still unhappy after the further investigation and reply you can take the matter up with the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, our reply will include the contact details.