Behaviour Policy

Expectations of behaviour of children during after school clubs should be equal to during the school day. Wherever possible, coaches should find out how behaviour is dealt with in the school in which they are working and use similar methods during coaching sessions. However, if no information about behaviour is available, then please use the following policy as guidance.

Wherever possible attention should be given to positive behaviour. Praise and rewards should be used to identify and strengthen good behaviour. However, where inappropriate behaviour continues, the following warning system can be used


 Incident Action
First incident Quiet chat to child(ren) involved by coach
Continued behaviour/second incident

Verbal warning – explaining why the behaviour was not acceptable by coach .


Continued behaviour/third incident Time out – Child sits out of the next activity for set period of time – let HT/Active Schools Coord know.
Continued behaviour/fourth incident

Report to Active School Coordinator/ Head teacher. Letter sent home to parents.  Meeting arranged by HT with parents/guardians

Child may miss one session of the club

Continued behaviour or extreme incident

Individual banned from attending the club in the future

This decision will be taken by the HT after a further meeting with parents/guardian/coach