P4b news

“This week P4b wrote a letter and e-mailed it to our local MSP, Ben Macpherson, complaining about the length of the grass on the Links. We asked for his help to encourage the council to cut the grass and also asked for help with the dog fouling issue. We have already received a reply from Ben’s office saying they are contacting the council and will get back to us.”


Here comes the sun… (maybe!)

  Morning all.

Its a very different picture around the rooms this morning. Some up and organising, some still being held by the bed monsters!

Plan is to half pack before breakfast and tidy as much as we can! Breakfast is the usual 8:30 and our last activities around 9;30/10. We’re back at the centre for lunch and the last of the packing then plan to head off about 1:30 (but we’ll keep you updated!!)

Happy Friday!


Thursday activities

That’s us all into groups and spread all all over Benmore for the morning!

Group 1

Im joining this group today! We’re orienteering this morning and this afternoon headed for a paddle at the Loch (my fave!)

Group 2

Ms Green and group 2 are off to bash about the forest this morning and will be joined by Ms ODonnell this afternoon to face the high ropes!

Group 3

Venturing to the gorge this morning and back to explore the grounds and forest according to John Muir this afternoon.

Group 4

Ms Christensen will be chasing them up the ropes this morning and into the gorge this afternoon.

Group 5

They’re kayaking with Ms ODonnell this morning and will be taking Ms Green out to explore the forest this afternoon.

Group 6

Mr MacKenzie will be leading the way on the bikes this morning and joining us for some loch paddling this afternoon.

All going really well. Happy kids who are doing you (and us!) proud with their team spirit, adventurous outlook and sense of fun.