2017/2018 RRS – update.

Over the past few months the RRS Ambassadors have been working hard to decide on areas they wish to focus on at Leith Primary School.
The first aim was to ensure that notice boards were put up around the school so that others would be aware of who the ambassadors are and to keep people in the school updated on what is happening. These boards are now up on each floor of the school.
The ambassadors checked that each class had their own charter and took some pictures of them (a few have been uploaded to look at).

At the first citizenship meeting the RRS group worked together to pick out some articles from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and discuss what they wanted to focus on.
Below is what they wrote:

We are doing Rights Respecting Schools because we are trying to help our school.

We are trying to make the dining room hall a better place to be for lunch.

We are going to ask people’s opinions. The people we might ask are: dinner ladies, kids, teachers and parents.

We are going to ask others what they think and want. We have some ideas on how to do this like make an idea wall, create posters, talk at assembly, use the website, talk to Miss Craig and others and make a survey.

We have made posters of things we would like to improve and picked articles to help us.
We would like to make a dining room charter.

We hope to work on this over the year.