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Leith Primary is an amazing and historic building right on the edge of Leith Links.  The school truly reflects its catchment area. We are proud of the diversity of the children and families we serve. We are proud of the quality of education we provide for all children. We have an excellent record in providing care, support and challenge for all pupils. We promote positive behavior, respect for all and encourage a positive attitude to learning. If you would like to see more please arrange a visit through the office.

Vision for Leith Primary School  

Leith Primary aspires to be…….

An inclusive school that lies at the heart of the diverse community of Leith.

A school which creates the conditions for learners to achieve to their highest potential with an innovative and inspirational curriculum.

A modern learning environment that is used flexibly and creatively.

A school that encourages all children to be responsible global citizens.

A school that involves children, parents and staff, with an ethos of collaboration and sharing, listening and acting on feedback but also developing leadership.

Our shared aims

At Leith Primary we all believe Learning and Teaching means a learning and supporting community that:

promotes reflection and self-evaluation.

has high expectations, supporting all to reach their full potential.

works with the home and the community

promotes a flexible, fun, innovative and balanced curriculum.

promotes inclusive practice and a secure and caring environment to develop equality, mutual respect, citizenship and self-esteem.

Leith Primary Curriculum Rationale

This is what we want for children at Leith Primary.

We have high expectations for all our children to achieve their full potential.

We want our children to learn about, contribute to and take pride in the diverse community of Leith

We have a focus on further strengthening literacy and numeracy. Families are partners in this focus.

We want to further develop social, emotional and physical skills for all. This school is a safe environment to learn these skills. We want there to be opportunities for children of different ages to work together.

We believe all our children should have opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities especially outdoors.

We believe our children should be responsible and informed global citizens

We believe our children should be active in planning learning with teachers and confident to share their learning with others.